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Daemon Targaryen
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Yoar (Ansgot)
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Welcome, traveler.  Take a rest, you are in a safe haven.  You have arrived at the home of the Paladins.  No harm will come to you here, unless you bring it with you.  We are keepers of the light, helpers of the weak, defenders of justice, protectors of all that is good in this land.  We are on a holy mission to rid the land of evil, wherever it hides. 

  These noble warriors hail from Trinsic, in the warm southern reaches of Britannia. There, the sworn oath can be taken at great value, and none fear betrayal, for the Paladins live the virtue of Honour. Their deep beliefs in the value of good lend strength to their magic, which they wield with a certain flair. Paladins have a very strict code which they live by. They value this code above all things, including their own life. Paladins never steal or start petty squabbles. Because a Paladin is so skilled and trustworthy, they are respected by everyone, and doubted by no one. They are powerful, trustworthy and courageous, even on the most perilous journey.

  Years of training in arms has allowed the Paladins to become proficient in most forms of combat, and they can masterfully wield even the heaviest halberd or two-handed hammer.  As well, no form of armour is too unwieldy for these honorable warriors. Their strong faith lends power to their magic, and they are unafraid of trusting themselves to enchanted arms or armour.

Virtue: Honour
Principle: Truth, Courage
Town: Trinsic
Mantra: Summ
Shrine: Shrine Of Honour
Colour: Purple
Symbol: Chalice
Dungeon: Shame


Growth And Training

Daemon Targaryen, Yesterday at 9:37 AM.
Great effort everyone in recruiting!  The guild is expanding pretty quickly.  With expansion, we have a ton of low ranking members.  Tonight, I'm going to start some guild training and exercises to get everyone up to speed with what a Paladin is, how to act, and what is expected of everyone.

Training starts at 9:00pm EST.  We can meet up at the Keep, or if you don't have a rune there ask and someone will gate you.  I look forward to getting everyone up to speed so we can move forward and onward!

For the glory of our order!

So it begins!

Daemon Targaryen, Oct 17, 14 11:40 AM.
Last night, thanks to Paladin Justiciar Aptners, the Paladins of Trinsic have started recruiting members.  We now have 5 unique members in the guild, still waiting on Abe and Ansgot to put their characters in, which will make 7 unique members.  Welcome all new recruits, and keep up the good work Justiciar Aptners!  I will be online this evening to conduct some recruiting and perhaps we can do some training exercises as well with all new recruits.
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Daemon Targaryen
Great recruiting efforts so far! PAL is flourishing!
Daemon Targaryen
The Paladins have returned, and will rise to power again!
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